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Our air duct cleaning process is state of the art with successful results - customer after customer.  We deploy advanced air duct cleaning technology with the only self-contained method that simultaneously brushes and vacuums the debris.  Dirt is brushed loose inside the air duct and immediately swept up by powerful dual vacuums.

Air Duct Cleaning - Step by Step:

  • Removal and cleaning of registers
  • Technician cleans supply vents all the way to the air handler
  • Dirt and debris is brushed, collected and swept up by the dual vacuum system
  • Optimum coverage is ensured as tecnician works back through the system, overlapping much of the ductwork
  • Vacuum attachment topically cleans inside the air handler
  • Air handler fan is turned on and anti-microbial treatment is fogged into cold air return
  • Fan circulates treatment deep into the system


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